Id has control over Fei’s body. His plan is to make contact with the Zohar in order to gain unrivaled control, eliminating the competition of our Fei and the Coward. Fei, knowing he is only a derivative persona of the whole, submits to Id, only to be snapped back to task by the words of Citan. He must save Elly. But Fei’s renewed interest in saving the world will not do him any good so long as Id is in control. Fei must convince Id to come to his side.

10 Responses to “Let’s Play Xenogears Episode 153: The Origin of Id”

  • ShooterKitty:

    I disagree, RPG’s today still have amazing stories. But Xenogears (and Xenosaga too) has one of the best.

  • Aventerra01:

    Wait…so Lacan once looked like Id when he went mad?

  • CERap22:

    She’s the creation of Fei’s 2nd reincarnation, Kim Kasim. She was made because the Elly of that world and Kim could not have natural children, so Kim “makes a daughter” based on Elly’s genetic markers and comprised ENTIRELY of nanomachines. That’s why she can morph her limbs in battle, but she remained in stasis as that world went into nuclear war. That’s about 1000 years before the story.

    Krelian, in present day, captures Emeralda so he can use the nanos to recreate Deus (God)

  • manakurei:

    Abel was on the ship and made contact with the Wave Existence which helped him survive the crash. The Wave existence created Elly to act as a companion for Fei. Abel gets killed by Cain, then gets reincarnated into Kim, Kim creates Emeralda and than gets killed by Miang, than he reincarnates into Lacan.

  • deeeyon:

    I dont get what is Emeralda’s part in the story. Is she Kain’s daughter or an artificial being? And why was she created?

  • zwady:

    i appreciate you giving an explanation of whats going on. It’s very helpful :) best story ever though, seriously!

  • MasterPx:

    There is a lot of very deep symbolism in this game.. love it :)

  • MegaLazygamer:

    Abel was on the ship. He made contact with the Wave Existence, which gave him the power to be reborn over and over again until he managed to destroy Deus. The order was Abel -> Kim -> Lacan -> Fei. One thing that confuses me is that Fei is described as being both a reincarnation and a descendant of his older selves, but both Lacan and Kim did not have children. So he couldn’t have decended from them. It may be a translation error or something. Thanks for watching.

  • nworder4life:

    this game has an amazing story, this is what the rpg’s of today lack….It’s really amazing how everything fits and makes sense.

    One thing I didn’t get though. Are you saying that Lacan is a descendant/reincarnation of Abel? and yet even before Lacan there was another descendant/reincarnation who created esmerelda? Was Abel on the ship?

    It is a very confusing story but wow maybe one of the best stories I’ve seen in a video game

    thanks so much for uploading all this.

  • hawjsta:

    Awesome new video so quick.

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