In UK Cinemas 14th May 2010 “An intense, restrained drama… quietly devastating” – Variety SHOWING AS PART OF THE LONDON LESBIAN AND GAY FILM FESTIVAL 2010 Aaron (Zohar Strauss), a respectable butcher in Jerusalems ultra-orthodox Jewish community, is married to Rivka (Tinkerbell) and is a dedicated father of four children. One day, he meets Ezri (Ran Danker), a handsome twenty-two year old student, and soon falls in love with him. He then starts to neglect his family and community life, swept away by his love and lust for Ezri. Meanwhile, paralleling this relationship, a neighbouring shopkeeper persists in seeing a man of her own choosing, even though she’s been promised by her father to another. Eventually, guilt, torment and pressure from the community will catch up with the doomed lovers, leading them to make radical decisions… ENGLISH SUBTITLES

25 Responses to “EYES WIDE OPEN TRAILER (High Quality, New English Subs)”

  • faraon3000:

    I just watched it ni Netflix.

  • faraon3000:

    I just finished watching this movie and its amazing.

  • vildrock:

    Brokeback mountain , jewish version  …

  • homemadehuman:

    who the HELL Besides a dog names himself artistically “tinkerbell”?

  • ilystfu23:

    Interesting…I was looking for another movie trailer, lol!

  • vintagemen1:

    best gay movie EVER both men are hunks “big eden” rocks too, no formula tragic ending

  • Valmourt:

    Brokeback Mountain is a bullshit in comparation with this film ¬¬”

  • jazzyclarinet96:

    No offence but “the secrets” is sooo much better!

  • 1SamFamey1:

    to be in such festivals u have to present such gay stuff and that means Israel is gonna dominate with the movie “the slut” and that one and eyan fox’s sstuff i feel that i wanna puke when i see such trilers

  • 1SamFamey1:

    israelis will never have peace until they stop trie’n what’s not theres!


    stupid comment :/

  • faquino1812:

    Although there is not much power in this movie there is something in here. This movie, whether it intended to or not, is poetic from the beginning to end. The untrained eye will not fully grasp it, but if one searches for it he or she will surely find it.

  • amindr:

    i am gay myself and i completely agree, the bad thing is there are men who are gay or at least bisexual who are pressured into marrying women and ahving children and they cannot hide the fact that they are gay. BU I COMPLETELY AGREE, I HAVE ALWAYS DISLIKED MEN WHO ARE MARRIED AND WITH CHILDREN CHEATING ON THEIR WIVES WITH OTHER MEN. AS A GAY MAN, IT MAKES ME VERY VERY SAD.

  • ekoostic:

    What’s a Tinkerbell?

  • oshri02:

    LOL this is a film about gay couple of ultra orthodox jews…
    In fact less than five percent of Jews are religious, most Jews are liberals and atheists.

  • Alos21:

    wtf is this? Kosher brokeback mountain??

  • auscent:

    What a masterpiece! People ostracise others because they are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar and too arrogant about themselves.

    The movie was so intense, so are the metaphors! The big giant metal door to the shop looked like an obstacle; the meat being butchered looked like the victimised characters; the gossiping moral crusaders only showed their backs or across the street hiding behind anonymity; a love scene reflected in the mirror as if it is just an image…

    My heart goes out to it!

  • popazz1:

    An excellent film.Watched it last week on BBC Television,superb characterisation and incredible acting.

  • codownni:

    Not for the way I get down mate.

  • inferno0020:

    Lesbians are better.

  • EnterTheTruth:

    the thing i hate the most is a fag, and the second thing i hate the most is a zionist jew, and there is nothing i hate more than a zionist jew fag

  • Jeffrey12342001:

    Great movie, great actors. As a Jew it made me think a lot. If you like intense movies that make you think watch this one!

  • ammukhab:

    tis moive is bullshit writer of tis stroy is devil try 2 make fun of jew brother
    Binye isreal means Gods followers…….

  • devilwillwin:

    Hey I just bought the DVD from Ebay and it was the original version with English subtitle. But make sure your DVD player is region free. Otherwise you would need to get the U.S version from Amazon which would be cheaper than Ebay.

  • devilwillwin:

    I found what you said absolutely brilliant.

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