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Is this conspiracy coming true. If you havent heard about this conspiracy type it in on you tube.

What does the Mayan Calendar have to do with this? What cosmic events are people talking about on that day? Why is it specifically Dec 21, 2012?

Looks like To renew the lost knowledge , understanding and unity for one universal truth , world of humanity has to find the new messenger of God as was promised to come at the Last Days ,or End of Time ,,( end of the first cycle of living on earth),,,,,,looks like we have entered a new ( cycle ) age with new things and majority of people have missed to find His new guidance to renew the understanding of all old things.

Do you see things the way you want to see them, thinking wishfully?
Do you see the world the way it is and think realistically?.

Im not talking about illuminati im just curious because i believe their are and i believe its a certain ethnic group too

Sufism stresses love and mystical union with Allah, and denies the violence of modern Jihad.

If all Sunnis and Shi’as were Sufis, how would this afect the Midle-East peace process, etc…?

and when it doesn’t they act all disappointed. as far as im concerned ill be dead before that happens, either from old age or from what ever ended the world. so all i can say is surprise me.

The world to come is taught in all Judaism.
Hell doesn’t exist.
Resurrection is a personal belief.
Judgement? Reward? Based off of the life you live right now.

Someone gave that answer in a previous question.

I am curious though

if the world to come is taught in all Judaism, and resurrection is a personal belief:

then how do Jews who do not believe in resurrection expect to get to the world to come?

And in what ways can they partake in rewards/judgement, without being resurrected?

I mean, some do seem to believe in this thing pretty hard. What if their concentrated faith punctures the Veil on their chosen date, and someone… something comes through? Something for which faith is like a beacon, something that feeds on fears and hopes, and the pain of its victims. It definitely won’t be what they’re waiting for, quite the opposite I fear.

Not to alarm anyone, but if they continue to knock on that Door, they might get an answer.

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