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As spiritual tools that return humanity to a state of pre-fallen righteousness?

Are the Mitzvot used to reintegrate man with the will of God after the transgression of Adam and Eve?

I respectfully ask that those of other religious persuasions (ie: non-Jews) do not answer this question.

For a while now I’ve always thought about the idea that maybe when we die, we are reincarnated as a new person. We have no memories of past lives, just about living this one. Maybe also that we go through different stages of it, some where your lives are perfect, others where you may face diseases or disabilities. Your born, you die, your born, you die.

What do you think about this idea?

Why did they believe that capitalism would self-destruct?
I am having trouble with comprehending the lingo of Marx’s time. All I really know is that Marx felt that in a capitalist society, much of the economy is own by a few people. This somehow disenfranchises the majority of the work force?? I’m not sure……help please.

Witch, Kabbalah is a fashionable offshoot of Judaism, not a part of Judaism.

I’m curious to know how is it viewed by the Jewish people, cause some have described it as a sort of esoteric traditions and sorcery mysticism.

And don’t take this the wrong way because I am hoping to make a Cult for a Supernatural series, here how its sounds:

Cult of Abramelin-a semi-Kabbalistic cult, consists of talismans, mediumship, the Abramelin oil, ceremonial magic, sigils and magic squares. The members are technically from the Jewish race, but have denounced it in order to follow the teachings of Abraham of Worms, a German Jewish student of the Egyptian Sorcerer Abramelin. They do not evoke nor believe in Satan, but they evoke the old Kabbalah demons such as the Shedim, the Dybbuk, the Mazikeen and the Lilin. The use charms and spells to find lost treasures, stolen property and create love charms.

This is not the only Cult, there are others from different religious branches and mythology.

The magic of Kabbalah manifestation of miracles in your lives how do you make miracles happen in your lives

Researching on Judaism and its followers.
How do they express their deepest values?
yeah, my teacher, asked those specific things in a paper. not my questions.

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