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A biochemist by profession, a polymath by inclination and erudition, Yeshayahu Leibowitz has been, since the early 1940s, one of the most incisive and controversial critics of Israeli culture and politics. His direct involvement, compelling polemics, and trenchant criticism have established his steadfast significance for contemporary Israeli-and Jewish- intellectual life. These hard-hitting essays, his first to be published in English, cover the ground Leibowitz h… More >>

Judaism, Human Values, and the Jewish State

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While the Hebrew Bible is the cornerstone of Judaism, it is
the Talmud that provides many central values for living. The Talmud sets
out specific guidelines and lyrical admonitions regarding many of life’s
ordinary events, and offers profound words of advice for life’s most
intractable dilemmas.
This accessible introduction to the Talmud explores the essence of
Judaism through reflections on the words of the rabbinic sages, from on… More >>

The Wisdom of Judaism: An Introduction to the Values of the Talmud

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