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I have a wall of text here, please read, then give me your opinion.


The kabbalistic understanding is the source of those people, from which they belong. Qabbalh is Hebrew word for perception, or acceptation. The teaching aims at understanding the God, so as to produce an effect hence the practitioner can control over the world, by achieving his goal, so it’s a kind of magic. It is considered as highly secret teachings owned by the elite Jewish only. Even Nowadays the schools they teach it containt only the superficial teachings.

They claim that when Moses was receiving the commandments of Talmud, at the second time God has taught him the deep meaning of the texts of Talmud, and what lies behind the words, at the third time, he gave him a highly secretive teachings for him only, and the elites about symbolism, and deciphering the mystic code in the Talmud, what so called the Qabbalah.

The ciphered code of the texts, depends on the concept that each number matches certain letter, As for the beginning was the word from God, only a word created the whole universe, In Islam it’s “KONN” mean “ BE”, that word resembles certain number which is the word Power.

In the Universe, everything is composed of two parts, material body, and ethereal quality, that’s the exact relation between letter, and its corresponding number. The soul is the power of that dead body, and so for the number holds the letter’s power. Perfectly applied to those teachings that aim to decipher the Divine texts, by calculating each words, or sentences. One of the effects of this worldwide without even knowing it, is abbreviations prevalence like: CIA, UN, M6, and so many.
The Genesis in Kabbalah imagine the God’s name is written in 3 Hebrew letters inside a triangle, those 3 essential letters flowed from the God’s essence, and that created another compounded 7 letters, then another 12. God has made exchanges, and changes between those letters eventually to create this whole universe.

For instance: from the first 3 letters, God has created the head, Chest, and the Body. The three elements of life: Air, Water, and Fire. From the seven compounded letters, God created the seven days, seven seas, seven earths, seven skies, and the seven direction, here we mention the seventh letter was the center of the Globe, which they think it’s Solomon Temple which they believe is the God’s place. From the twelve letters God has created the twelve essential organs human has. The twelve month.

The whole Magic practices is about words, and everything in the universe have a word which contain its key, when you find this key, you can open his past, present, and future, his paths, and secrets, as a result you can open his mind, and whatever illusions you want to put in, you will succeed. Mainly this is how curses work, by completely invading one’s mind, and be a place of dark obsessions, and devilish ideas, that totally obsess the deceased unless he has powerful faith in God. To a later description of how the elite Jewish used those powers to invade today world.

analagy between our five elements ‘below’, corporeal,with what they are reflected from or represent ‘above’, incorporeal? Spiritually vs physically I think.

It seems as if we are doing nothing but pushing around money. Create factories to produce pointless products to fuel consumerism. Then Consume valuable finite resources,until I suppose depletion.So, I guess what I’m asking is, why? Why do we do this to ourselves as humans. Why can’t we come up with something better? I don’t know the answer, I’m not pushing an agenda. I just want to know why do we continue to do this to ourselves. Why did we put ourselves in a situation in which humans are dependent on pointless jobs and the endless process of looking for a leader to create EVEN MORE of these.

The Leviathan is mentioned in the prayer for saying farewell to the Sukkah and I was wondering what is the story behind this?

If you call me an antisemite I will block you.
Funky Bird – You did not answer the question.

I remember dabbling in Kabbalah a few years back. I even took it as a religion (even though I had never read any of it’s religious texts). While I was reading up on it though, I came across an idea which stated that a pure soul must pay for the sins of the many to maintain a balance of good nature throughout the world (ergo, Jesus). They said that every so often, it must occur again to maintain the balance of humanity. What is this particular train of thought known as in Kabbalah?
@Murzy, the book I read was published by one of the leading rabbis/priests (whatever they’re called) at the Kabbalah Center. It referenced Jesus a lot.
@Aravah thanks for that tidbit of insight but that still doesn’t answer my inquisition. If this belief does not exist in Kabbalah, please say so. If it does, please give me the name. Please stop playing mind games. If the concept is real, what’s it called?

Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
I sincerely believe that is an extension of the Zionist hope for world domination through the use of their ‘puppets’ in the American government and the use of the Homeland Security Act. This secret program is using the mind/thought control of the Phoenix Program instituted for use VC; now in the United states to reduce the population of ‘useless eaters’. was established thereby from the Zionist American government for these ‘useless eaters’ to get what they want and to harass others in order to distract from the main agenda.

they believe that the soul basically lives forever.
and that we have multiple lives. we die and go to another plane to rest and then are carnated into a human again. this process continues until the soul has gained enough knowledge or whatever and then ascends to be with/a part of the Higher Being.

it sounds really cool to me and i forgot what religion it was from.

Are there any scandals involving Kabbalah or is it just a spiritual thing?

it is a painting of the tree of good and evil knowledge and if you go to google images and type in tree of good and evil it will be the fifth picture on the first row. it is some german artist but i would like to know the name and if u have any other info like the meaning of the symbolisms and metaphors in the pictures then please let me know where i can find it. thnx!

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