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I’m just curious to know what other people think.

My husband seems to know things that we can not explain. I’m talking about things that happened back in the 1920′s & he seems to know a ton about all types of music from all decades. I think he must have had a past life or something.

I find it fascinating that Christians should choose their particular religion while there are other religions that logically are far more credible.
Look at kabbalah or Judaism,christianity is only alive and well because political motivations have given it rise.Why would you surmise that Jesus is god when the Q’RAN says otherwise.
You christians are a feisty lot that breeds intolerance into the very depths of humanity.I look forward to the day when Christianity is abolished and people shine with glee over science.
Please submit to me my required respect as I have only showed you your do respect.Don’t be a hypocrite!
Your bible cleary says you must turn the other cheek from your non-believers.

So she said there is some curse that creates an aweful fate for someone… but says she won’t tell me where it is because it should not be used. Any truth in it? And if so what book is it in?

True or False?

I find Native American Spirituality fascinating, but I’m an atheist. I’d like to find a spiritual community where I’d fit in. Is there such a thing?

Do you believe in the Big Bang?

I read some books about cognitive therapy and I find it is very useful. It helps me a lot. I read David Burns’ book. Is there any other book that can improve my cognition?

Takwa but forbidden to share with Others ?

I have just heard about this …don’t know anything else so I am asking. Can only religious or spiritual people of the highest order understand this ?

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