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The poem is NOT Gothic. I wrote it based on Kabbalah educations.

Angel Of Death

Hide in the shadows
No one
Will never
See you

But I can see you cry
I have the All Seeing Eye

When I come
With love
For your life
You will leave
The light

I have the upper hand
And will take what I demand

I rule on the earth and the sky
I have the All Seeing Eye


The all seeing eye has another meaning in Kabbalah. Do you know what it is? I’m pretty new to this culture so I would like to know what you know.
Any suggestion is also accepted. If you are going to search for it, I think The eye of Sauron matches best (Lord of the Rings). The movie is all from Kabbala. Yes it is.
I hope you don’t get me wrong. I am still believing in God. But it doesn’t mean I stop reading other religions and cultures. Thanks BG. Kabbalah is pretty much related to magic and it is the main culture of Sethianists (a kind of Satanism but Sethianists believe in magic and they worship Seth as God. Seth is the God of hell in Egyptian mythology).

I have studied Christianity, Islam, Jew, Buddhism and also Satanism, Sethianism, Gothic and recently I found Kabbalah very interesting.

I’ve heard that there are scriptures in the bible that talk about how homosexuality is wrong, probably better known than the other factor: I keep hearing about other scriptures that disprove that entirely and I was wondering if it were true & where I could find them.

guys, i know a lil’ about many religions of the world and i often hear KABBALAH associated to Judaism, can i know from anyone, what actually KABBALAH, is? is it about creation or about the contemplation of god?

Hi.. I have read about Kabbalah from Kabbalah center but I found out some websites they say that center it’s not good, I have been reading but I dont find information from Jewish sources.. I would like to know if you know websites, I want to know what kabbalah is? and how to learn it? it’s kabbalah a sect in the judaism? does kabbalah believe in another concept of God? how kabbalah sees the Bible or torah? how to be part of a Kabbalah group? do you need to wear a red string in the Kabbalah for protecting from the evil? how is kabbalah meditation? thanks for answering my questions.

some jewish people have told the kabbalah is for only jews.. but I want to contact God through Kabbalah.. Kabbalah prayers. and meditation.. please tell me them
the website of kabbalah on google are bored..

Okay here’s the thing i’ve learned and studied kabbalah but, my family thinks it’s not for me. I have found excitment and inner peace once i learned about it. I know some people, okay most don’t know what it is. How can i explain to my family what it is? It’s hard for me to express my feelings. It has made me view life in a different way. What do you think?

Madonna Documentary Trailer 2

Madonna Documentary Trailer 2

What is kabbalah?
Is it a religion? philosophy?
Is it a form of Judaism?
Can it be mixed other religions like Wicca or Hinduism? (I will exclude Christianity and Islam from the list)
What do Jews in general think of kabbalah and kabbalists?

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