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can it be worn by both sexes?

it has to be worn in the left or right arm?

Does anyone know a website that sends out free red kabbalah string? Everything else charges for it. I know nothing is for free, but the the religion is not supposed to charge for “holy” things. Or so they say. If anyone knows of a site please let me know. Many thanks!
Im just reading abt different things and different religions. Has nothing to do with Hollywood. like to educate myself I guess. Cant hurt. ;) p.s two moons tonight at 12 30 central time!
I have that its an just an old traditions real or not I think its still interesting. I like validation as well and thats why i was looking up to see how many people sell them because i was told that if people try to sell them then they are scaming you because they are against materialistic things and would never try to sell you something holy? I have been reading things based on Reb Chaim Vital teachings over at

What does wearing these pieces of string represent?
I’m not talking about the friendship bracelet that are often woven. The ones i’m talking about is just one piece of string tied around an ankle or wrist. I don’t get why certain men wear that. What is it supposed to be?

OK, so i bought the kabbalah red string, but its gone now, & i really dont wanna spend $26 bucks again on red string, so does anyone know if i just can buy a normal red string, but not look fake..?
im 16. i dont have a job, so my parents bought it 4 me,

Can you wear an Evil Eye Bracelet and the Red Kabbalah String at the same time?

i personaly like wearing it, because it looks cool, but thats just me, What about you

What is the translation for the Ben Porat Prayer? Which is used with the red string in Kabballah/ Kabbalah?

I want a Kabbalah red string but I can’t find one for free. Help?

Or is it used by any other religions or spiritual belief systems?

I recently discovered what Kabbalah is. From what I read it’s a judism religion that believes in self growth and discipline. I’m Christian and don’t know much about Kabbalah. But I do know that tying a red string around your wrist stops “the evil eye” from getting you. Is this a good or bad thing if I do this? It sounds good, but sometimes I wonder if it’s bad luck. Please help!!

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