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I’m on mine, and just wondered if anybody has is on their path as well, and what experiences and signs you have had.
I’m connecting with my angels, it’s been amazing so far.

Please don’t waste your time trying to be funny or witty if you are not serious about my question.
Amateur trollers look like idiots, and you are not even funny.

without converting?

I have heard the saying….when the student is ready, the teacher arrives but I have also been hearing a lot recently the saying when a person needs knowledge seek out the experts. I would be so grateful for some insight on Spirit Guides and Mentors. I would especially love to hear from people who have active Guides and Mentors and interact with them on a daily basis.

stories I have heard from people differs. Has anyone had any spiritual encounter or anything spiritual happen to them and how sure are they about this not any thing ordinary that was blown out of proportion by the mind. Cos sometimes I could swear heaven and earth that I saw someone or something if I didn’t have a second look.

Just an honest question. As an atheist, I just wanted to know how being spiritual affects you, how it helps in stress or work environments etc. Most of the questions here are pretty ignorant and I want a real respectable answer for once -.-

thank you <3

I’m sure no one here would say that they believe in a god without having first had some person to “person” interaction with that being.

Was it anything that could easily be explained away by saying it was just in your head?

Was it something mystical that others around you witnessed?

Have any of you ever seen something that could not ever of happened without a godly touch happening?

I’m fishing for your stories of something that you know happened that occurred outside of your head and heart.

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