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First of please no bible thumps commenting please saying “its not real, jesus is the way” I’m just doing a little research ok.

Anyway i went online and watched many videos on the kabbalah faith, and i was very interested in a lot of it, and i could see how someone could live and much more fafilling/selfless life from it. There were many things in the videos and reading that just made sense to me, like something had clicked. And really i think no matter what we follow were are all simply on the same goal to find “true” happiness in life no matter what we follow.

But anyway from one video i saw on youtube the man being interviewed said there was not afterlife/heaven. And then other things i read on line said there was an afterlife in the Kabbalah faith and we all go back to the place we once came, because in are life through living in balance we have come back closer to the creature/god.

anyway i don’t know what to think, but i jus find myself to be very fascinated with it all.

@ Foster DAD
people can believe whatever they want, no matter what their religion/faith we are all trying to find out the same things esantachy. Don’t mater if you Catholic, Jewish, Scientoglost whatever. We are still people and honestly enough with it all this isn’t the exserest.

Theres so much information out there…I dont know what to believe.People say completely opposite things about Kabbalah.Can someone please explain what exactly Kabbalah is?Is it Jewish?Do you have to know Hebrew and be over 40 to study it?Is it about finding secret messages in the Torah or about improving one’s ego and joining essensed with God?
says anyone can study kabbalah.check it out and tell me what you think of it.

So she said there is some curse that creates an aweful fate for someone… but says she won’t tell me where it is because it should not be used. Any truth in it? And if so what book is it in?

Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
I sincerely believe that is an extension of the Zionist hope for world domination through the use of their ‘puppets’ in the American government and the use of the Homeland Security Act. This secret program is using the mind/thought control of the Phoenix Program instituted for use VC; now in the United states to reduce the population of ‘useless eaters’. was established thereby from the Zionist American government for these ‘useless eaters’ to get what they want and to harass others in order to distract from the main agenda.

I’ve heard that there are scriptures in the bible that talk about how homosexuality is wrong, probably better known than the other factor: I keep hearing about other scriptures that disprove that entirely and I was wondering if it were true & where I could find them.

I just read Rosie O’Donell’s new book and apparently she has converted to it too…What is the draw for celebrities?

can i be kabbalist before i’m 40 ??

how long will take me to understand kabbalah ??

Scrappy, you are just the type of person who drives people away from Christianity. How can you say someone doesn’t truly believe in Jesus, Just because someones Morals and principles are not ideal to you. How do you know that it wasn’t gods plan to put people in different sects? What if certain people were destined for it?

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