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do you belive on a god, on jesus, on the future, what are your filings for the world of today, and what did u belive on before kabbalah came on your life?

center.. but I dont find a simple information about their rituals.. the first one bnei baruch speaks so much about theories and kabbalah center.. well you have to pay for those books. I dont live in USA .. well to pay for a spiritual path like kabbalah.. well it’s nothing I dont want. first of all well the religion should be free or any kind of mysticism.. help me please I would like to know what do they do as rituals? I know it’s close to judaism.. but judaism and kabbalah seem to be different in some cases.. help me thanks

Like who is he and Explain his relationship with the Jews of Sighet, particularly Eliezer; also how does deportation change Moshe? and how the others feelings toward him change?
SORRY FOR SO MUCH QUESTIONS–you dont have to answer all the questions but the person who can will be chosen BEST ANSWER!!

I am interested in mysticsm and ceramonial magic, but i wish to stay clearly in the christan and jewish areas, not that i have any dis like for wiccans or satanists, but i rather stay close to my one god and they can have their gods. also would it be good for me to talk to a jewish rabbi when i go to portland some time and see what he has to say? any insight would be nice.

and yes i know the Kabbalah is Jewish.

Jews who believe in the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), also believe in reincarnation

What does wearing these pieces of string represent?
I’m not talking about the friendship bracelet that are often woven. The ones i’m talking about is just one piece of string tied around an ankle or wrist. I don’t get why certain men wear that. What is it supposed to be?

Someone I trust told me, this concept came during the time women where being raped by the Crusaders,or something like that.

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