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the atheist experience # 754 [full episode] – the failure of social engineering visit mp3 audio file of this episode

The Sacred Sciences – Knowledge once shrouded in secrecy, becomes clear. Alchemy, Astrology, Kabbalah (Qabala) and more. From the ashes… A community for Esoteric Studies is born. Join Us at

These are my two biggest interests, and I was curious if anyone knew of any Masters programs within the US that combined social work and spirituality, or at least offered a significant amount of classes with in the context of the two.

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How and why a person comes to be possessed by a dybbuk (the possession of a living body by the soul of a deceased person), and what consequences ensue from such possession, form the subject of this book. While possession by a dybbuk may have been understood as punishment for a terrible sin, it may also be seen as a mechanism used by desperate individuals often women who had no other means of escape from the demands and expectations of an all-encompassing patriarchal… More >>

Dybbuks and Jewish Women in Social History, Mysticism and Folklore

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