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It seems that Isaac Newtons whose views are the foundation of modern science was devoted to the Kabbalah and devised his ideas about nature and existence from the ideas he learned from the Kabbalah. There is an article about this here:

If this is the case then why isnt this taught? There seems to be a hidden history and we are taught only what some other group or people want us to know.

so i’ve been studying the kabbalah, and metaphysics for years and for the past 2 years i’ve been going to school for physics. the only thing i see that’s different is science replaces herbs and holy water with calculations and books. is it resonable to conclude that were studying the same principles we studied 2-8 thousand years ago with the only diffrence being is the approach.

Also we want to find where we can study the real Kabbalah. Who knows? Please help. Thanks a lot …. give you a virtual kiss!!!

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Science : Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method, as well as to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research.(wikipedia).

Spirituality :”devotion to metaphysical matters, as opposed to worldly things.”

Where they meet? How can be unitied in one theory?

you would think that in our nature as humans for as long as we have been around and associated with spirituality. science would do its part to explain why we are spiritual in the first place rather than saying “spirituality is wrong” AND that the only thing that there could possibly be is what is within our observable universe.

is it impossible that another universe could interfere with ours?

i don’t want to dodge any question i asked here.
jake m: that has nothing to do with my question.

I need to find an opinion/editorial piece from 2009 that is about education, science, spirituality, and how the three affect individuals, society, and how they interact with each other. Please link the articles in your response, thanks. Based on an important teaching in the Zohar, the primary text of Kabbalah, Rabbi Avraham Trugman, Director of Ohr Chadash, reveals the connection between secular knowledge and Torah wisdom and the importance of their integration.

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