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analagy between our five elements ‘below’, corporeal,with what they are reflected from or represent ‘above’, incorporeal? Spiritually vs physically I think.

Kabbalah says anything that consists of protons and electrons but i dont believe that a packet of crisps can have a soul…

And if so, since Kaballah ISN’T a religion anyway, does this mean that Madonna is a little bit misinformed? LOL

I’m sorry.. .”ESTHER”. lol

More Kabbalists saying Messiah coming 2012

una chorrada que se me ocurriĆ³ XD In This Video: Ras Iadonis asks & answers the key question of the New Millennium – Is 2012 A LEAP YEAR? Ethiopian & Jewish Calenders Says NO! Mystery REVEALED!!

Visiting pop idol Madonna toasted the Jewish new year with Israeli President Shimon Peres and declared herself an “ambassador for Judaism,” local newspapers reported Sunday.

The singer, who is not Jewish, met Peres at his official Jerusalem residence on Saturday evening, and the two exchanged gifts, with Madonna receiving a lavishly-bound copy of the Old Testament.

She presented Peres a volume of “The Book of Splendor,” the guiding text of Jewish mysticism, or Kabbalah, inscribed, “To Shimon Peres, the man I admire and love, Madonna,” the Yediot Ahronot daily said.

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Question – What are your thoughts ?

and that Jesus was a jew when he rejected judaism?

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