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I mean, this place is getting ridiculous.
Ten points to the most insightful answer.

This trailer is from the ground breaking documentary film called; Nubian Spirit: The African Legacy of The Nile Valley. This part of the film shows the Ancient story of the world oldest Metaphysical Trinity Ausar, Auset & Heru. Better known in Greek as Osiris, Isis & Horus. Their story is one with many interpretations, for example the age old social battle between Order & Chaos or another like the inner battle over ones lower & higher nature… It can be compared to the modern religious stories like Cain & Able or Joseph Mary & Jesus and many others… Investigate more for yourself! This story predate Judaism by over 1000 years and it can still be seen written on ancient temple walls and on papyrus. These storys toady raise the question; “Did the early Israelites, Christians & Muslims really just copy their religious teachings from ancient Kemetians(Egyptian)texts?” To find out more purchase your copy of the film today! Visit:

inspired by the recent craziness christian republicans are doing in the news… WTF and Katrina Doxsie’s anger and passion over these events. Theoretical Bullshit page (as if you aren’t already subscribed? lol Katrina’s youtube page New Hamshire’s crazy bill??? Georgia’s new bill???

In Christianity, the teachings are about love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, etc. What are the teachings, religious or spiritual, that characterize Judaism?

How does each of the religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) help followers achieve transcendance of personal alienation and human weakness?

The following images and audio were taken from the TV series BABYLON 5, the 5th Season, episode 107 (Wheel of Fire) and episode 108 (Objects In Motion). Specifically, these are two scenes that deal with Citizen, formerly Amassador of Narn, G’Kar (actor Andreas Katsulas), as he seeks a solution to the “cult of personality” that has elevated him to the status of a revered spiritual and religious icon. What G’Kar has to say about his situation can be said for many “messianic” figures, who’ve fallen victim to the “cult of personality,” wherein the message is set aside in favor of worshipping the messenger. Of course, this is understandable, since the devotee feels no obligation to “walk the walk,” provided he/she can justify staying on their knees 24/7 or at the very least do so intellectually and/or dogmatically. Why bother to “do” when one can content themselves with simply being a “hearer,” who merely has to “believe.” And the message? Well, that tends to get swept under the rug and/or twisted by the “religious authority” that evolves from the adoration and/or deification of the messenger. G’Kar’s message was that we are all one. This is also the message found in Jewish Mysticism and the original teachings of more than a few Jewish messianic figures.

It seems like most people in religion and spirituality are atheists, when most people in this section are die hard christians. When it should be the opposite, why do you think this is?

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