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Jews say that a person is no longer Jewish if he believes in Jesus because that person has converted to Christianity. Then what did Rabbi Akiva convert to when he declared Bar Kokhba the Messiah?

2008 was Kabbalah’s year. 2009 was all about the Mormons. What’s going to be the trendy religion in 2010? I’m predicting a vintage Zoroastrian revival.

We as humans are always desperately trying to find that we are not the “only ones”. I was reading about a future mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, and about how it has the greatest possibility for life due to its water like composition. So if we find life their, whether it’s microscopic microbes or fish, what would it do to our religion here on earth?. Would it make people realize that humanity created a god for out own purposes or would it strengthen humanities bond with “god” and his amazing ability so stick around even after science proves him false?

what do you know about the kabbalah religion.

All that I have ever heard about Kabbalah was publicity from Madonna and Britney Spears. But I am honestly interested in this religion and I was wondering whether or not someone can shine some light on the religion? It seems pretty interesting and fascinating from what I have heard.

Wow; thanks for the info guys. I had no clue. I still find it interesting, but I think that I am going to try something else. :)

I am not Christian and I think the world was created scientifically. Could I study Kabbalah?

they believe that the soul basically lives forever.
and that we have multiple lives. we die and go to another plane to rest and then are carnated into a human again. this process continues until the soul has gained enough knowledge or whatever and then ascends to be with/a part of the Higher Being.

it sounds really cool to me and i forgot what religion it was from.

ok so I have to write an essay on kabbalah and I need to know a few things that I can’t exactly find online ..

Is there a founder of Kabbalah?
Where to kabbalists worship?
What is Tsimtsum and why is it important?
Do they use any books to guide them?
What are the different sections of Kabbalah & how do they differ?

any information would be appreciated. :)

I’m sure no one here would say that they believe in a god without having first had some person to “person” interaction with that being.

Was it anything that could easily be explained away by saying it was just in your head?

Was it something mystical that others around you witnessed?

Have any of you ever seen something that could not ever of happened without a godly touch happening?

I’m fishing for your stories of something that you know happened that occurred outside of your head and heart.

I was born and raised christian and i was confirmed and all that jazz, but i don’t believe in the bible. What is the term for that? I know it’s not athiesm because i do believe in a god of some sort, but i also believe in science and evolution and things like that.

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