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I’m just curious to know what other people think.

My husband seems to know things that we can not explain. I’m talking about things that happened back in the 1920′s & he seems to know a ton about all types of music from all decades. I think he must have had a past life or something.

they believe that the soul basically lives forever.
and that we have multiple lives. we die and go to another plane to rest and then are carnated into a human again. this process continues until the soul has gained enough knowledge or whatever and then ascends to be with/a part of the Higher Being.

it sounds really cool to me and i forgot what religion it was from.

Jews who believe in the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), also believe in reincarnation

Would a person’s religious and moral conviction such as belief in reincarnation be a practical impediment to the respective candidate who seeks high office in the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and the White House?

A Summary of Channeled Knowledge, received Oct. 2008-April 2009 Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, Director of Ohr Chadash explains the Jewish view on Reincarnation.

An overview of channeled info. received between Oct. 2008 – April 2009. Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, Director of Ohr Chadash, discusses how reincarnation is treated in Jewish texts throughout the ages and the manner in which it was transformed from a hidden mystical concept to a mainstream idea.

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