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I know that Jews believe God is exactly the way He is portraied in the Torah, the allmighty God who has an image and a personality with feelings. Many times throughout the Bible God shows differnt traits of His personality. Like he showed compassion towards someone in the Bible and even changed His plans… Anyway, as I have started to study Kabbalah, I have been recieving mixed messages. The Zohar in itself always addresses God as the Almighty, Blessed be He. Other Kabbalah books I’ve read address God as the Creator. So it might seem like God is recognized as an individual entity, but not quiet so. As I got deeper into Kabbalah, apparentely God is the atoms. The atoms that make up everything in the universe. So this means that God really doesn’t exist as depicted in the Torah, but exists as the positive energy, or the Light. In that case, who gave the 10 commandmands to Moses on Mount Sinai? The atoms? This is really confusing to me, but one thing that I have been sure of, is that I will stop studying Kabbalah, if its goal is to push people farther away from God and into the New Age. Whatever Kabbalah claims to be, if it doesn’t recognize God as the True Almighty Lord Elohim, who is the only One and who dominates the Universe and who knows our thoughts, then Kabbalah is NOT the “soul” of Torah. Because as far as I know, the biggest thing Torah tries to emphasise to us all is that God is real and he doesn’t like to be mocked!
I have to say I really like all of your inputs! I do however wish that someone would give me a specific answer as to where does Kabbalah really stand on God’s existence? Is God a real being, who knows that you’re reading this right now, or is God just an all loving Light in the Universe but doesn’t really know you or me personally? I hope my question is understood and I hope one of you can give me a short answer. I know that I would have to know Hebrew language and devote to studies in Torah and Zohar, but the reason I’m not doing this yet, is because I am afraid Kabbalah doesn’t quiet recognize God the way Torah does.
P.S. I really mean no offense! I would like to emphasis that I like Kabbalah! I am attracted to it a lot. But I also LOVE God and hope that He can give me the answer I’m looking for perhaps through one of you.
mama_pajama, I do appreciate your input a lot! You have really good information and I would have loved to choose your answer as best. However, I do not appreciate the constant negative remarks on Christians. As my mother is a Christian, I can tell that she is a God fearing woman who respects and loves Jews, for blessed are those who bless His children, she helps out the poor and reaches out to the broken. I know there is a history of Christians persecuting Jews, but you have to take in the account that not all Christians are like that and there are MANY denominations to which you cannot ascribe all Christians as the same. For example, Catholics and Four Square church are very different. The Four Square church loves Israel and prays for the people of Israel on daily basis. In any case, judging others, whatever religion, is not very Kabbalistic in my opinion. Thank you and please forgive me if there is any misunderstanding.

The Kabbalah taught by Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag and those (e.g., Rav Laitman, Rav Berg) who learned from him or his students seems to teach that the Fall in the Garden of Eden was actually a good and necessary thing, so that human beings could get separated from relationship from God and thereby get space and time to become like God. In that view, Satan was working for God, or was an aspect of God, or was God Himself. But the Hebrew Bible, and the especially Christian New Testament, teacher that the Fall in the Garden of Eden as not planned or purposed by God, but was a terrible, catastrophic rebellion against by God by Satan and by human beings, and the the separation of human beings from God was NOT a good thing in any way.

Students of Kabbalah: Have I understood this correctly? What is comment? Thank you.

Some of the words on the pentacle is in hebrew and i want to know whats the connection.

thank you so much!

Not saying it’s right or wrong, but just something I noticed. I think it’s kind if a trend amongst those crowds..

I read in this commentary about the Book of Revelations that the number 666 is the number used to represent the Messiah.
Correction: not the the Messiah, but a Messiah.
I’ve read Revelation enough.

Who is really to blame: the church in Florida or the media for making this non-story into an international issue? If the media had the troop’s best interests in mind, would this even be a story? This Florida pastor isn’t a public figure.

Or what? ( agnostic but I like the idea…it sounds scientific)

I have seen some strange stuff. I would like the Good, the Bad, and the ugly from Christians concerning Jew and Judaism.

I think in some ways maybe Judaism did borrow from Zoroastrianism, and in other ways not so much. Remember, Zoroastrianism is dualistic, Judaism isn’t.

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