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Or neopagan book?
Title and author if you will…

center.. but I dont find a simple information about their rituals.. the first one bnei baruch speaks so much about theories and kabbalah center.. well you have to pay for those books. I dont live in USA .. well to pay for a spiritual path like kabbalah.. well it’s nothing I dont want. first of all well the religion should be free or any kind of mysticism.. help me please I would like to know what do they do as rituals? I know it’s close to judaism.. but judaism and kabbalah seem to be different in some cases.. help me thanks

Moderate democrat.

do you know anything you can tell me help me if you will! if you dont know what i am talking abought then don`t anser ty.

just curious, because if mysticism is just another word for secret knowledge, and the occult is actually non evil for more enlightenment thou sacred and secret should there be more revealing of the word of God in these books also

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How different would things be around here if every provocative question would be reported as ‘stirring to religious hate’ or something like that? Would it get to be a more civilised part of yahoo answers in the end or not? Please explain.

I need to find an opinion/editorial piece from 2009 that is about education, science, spirituality, and how the three affect individuals, society, and how they interact with each other. Please link the articles in your response, thanks.

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