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do you belive on a god, on jesus, on the future, what are your filings for the world of today, and what did u belive on before kabbalah came on your life?

Ive been to the NYC Kabbalah Centre twice. One time was for a free seminar.

But i was wondering what is a typical day at the kabbalah centre is like.

Please respond especially if your a student at this group.

does the kabbalah centre teach true kabbalah even some parts are wrong? what does mean the red string from the tomb of rachel? is the zodiac studied in judaism and kabbalah? do you believe in the zodiac? well I read in an old synagogue they found a zodiac image in Israel? do I have to be jewish in order to study the kabbalah? where can I find true kabbalah if the kabbalah centre is wrong as some say that
it’s Ok the center of the rabbi laitman?

1> why do they drink that “pure” water of what ever its called like what douse it do for them, why do they drink it

2> why do they wear that red string

3> what is the tree of life

best answer 10 points need to know lots about Kabbalah for a project

Well, my mom started practicing kabbalah for a year, and I’m interested too, I always have my little zohar protection book, and the protection red string, Also I read “72 names of God” well, I need more information about this, and how has it helped you?

ok so I have to write an essay on kabbalah and I need to know a few things that I can’t exactly find online ..

Is there a founder of Kabbalah?
Where to kabbalists worship?
What is Tsimtsum and why is it important?
Do they use any books to guide them?
What are the different sections of Kabbalah & how do they differ?

any information would be appreciated. :)

I hope this helps with some of the questions you’ve emailed me about our channel, FreedomOfTheSoul.

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Let’s take a survey here?

If you actually took the time to read the additional details, would you reference the words “smart and regular” in your answer

If you took a look after seeing other people respond and then corrected yourself, would you refer to the word “almost smart but regular” in your answer?

Why? Because it helps us to know whether it’s worth the time to actually leave information in the additional details in this section.

Waiting for the inevitable constipated responses.

Just so I can be legitimately in this section. Why are all the religious people looking at this question?

I’ve posted so many, and they don’t even contain any negatives that I’m aware of, yet they get deleted so frequently.

What is it with people and all the hate on the religion/spirituality forums? I just don’t understand it.

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