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Madonna, everybody knows that.
Did I spell that right? Why won’t answers give us spell check? It’s too much work to check ourselves.

Anyway what’s the best book to learn a little about Kabbalah?

Also, what is the position of women in Kabbalah?
Many thanks.

The next in a weekly series of 10 minute topics teaching about various topics within Judaism. This week’s topic is: Jewish Mourning and Burial Practices. The Jewish mourning and burial practices are a combination of minhagim (customs) and mitzvot derived from the Torah and Talmud. There are some variations of practice according to each Jewish community. Upon hearing of the death of someone, a bracha (blessing) is said: Baruch ata Hashem Eloheinu melech haolam dayan ha-emet (Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, the True Judge). The person is considered to be an aninut which is a time of intense mourning that lasts until the burial is completed. Sources: Bereavement in Judaism ( Soul Talk: The Taharah, Funeral and Burial ( The Basics: Funeral and Burial ( Shiva (Judaism) (

Can someone name a few rituals and practices of the religion Judaism?
Also, explanations would be great!
Thank you!

Anything to do with the media or it only the medium? ..or is it just a pile of malarchy, unevolved superstitions or out-dated ritualistic beliefs which people cling onto out of fear of unforeseen truths?

I am curious about your thoughts. Mine are subject to change, but I remain open.

Would a Jew practicing Kabbalah to the exclusion of all other religious activities still be considered a ‘good Jew’?

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