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I seek to learn Bhakti Yoga and practice it daily, as I think it is a very beautiful way to show love for the Divine.

But I’m having some trouble getting started…

How should someone choose their form of God?

Are there any hymns, mantras, offerings, etc. you would recommend?

Thank you so much.

How do I go about finding the right one for me? How do I look for one?

I’m 21 and a University graduate student so I consider myself too educated to follow a monotheistic faith. I am interested in Buddhism but I’m worried that it contains the same supernatural nonsense that put me off of other spiritual practices. Is there any supernatural element to Buddhism?

I am interested in learning more about it. Can you recommend a book for me? Preferably a book that discusses how it plays a role in real people’s lives, not merely an academic briefing on it. I’m sure there are plenty of websites on it, but I spend enough time on the computer as it is and would like an actual book to read that discusses how Kabbalah is put into practice in every day life. Thank you.

with real jews i mean non-zionists(zionists base their faith on the kabbalah and other occult practices).
Jews must follow the torah.
Witchcraft/magick is not condoned in christian or jewish religion.
Yet there are kabbalah centers opening up everywhere.

learn and to practice.. this branch of the judaism.. plz tell me more about it… and rituals.. I knowww kabbalah follows the OT..

I need some statistics about Kabbalah, the problem is there is not so much about kabbalah on the internet, so maybe you can help me haha
oh please I’m not going to practice ANYTHING this is for a school project

and believe in astrology? is kabbalah only for jewish people or there is jewish kabbalah for non-jewish? jewish kabbalah what is? meditation or what?

what’s the zohar? what’s the difference between the zohar and the bible? what bible is for the kabbalah? what are the difference between the judaism and kabbalah?

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