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Explain by the characters in the story …thank you i will really appriciate it

With the great appreciation. Please your opinion was Jesus Christ basically teaching Kabbalah?
If yes in what concept?
What do you think about manuscript written by Iscariot who says he was chosen by Jesus to be theater?
Regards, Zviad Ekizashvili

I am interested on reading about Kabbalah, I know some say kabbalah is not Ok for non- jewish and some say yes but just some parts.. well I know main rabbi kabbalists are buried in Israel.. I think in Tiberias.. I know besides the Kabbalah center in Israel, there another kabbalah center by rabbi leitman I think. I really do not get if Kabbalah is another branch of Judaism and is that true Israel is a powerful place.. in the sense there are the tomb of the abraham.. etc..

Hi.. I have read about Kabbalah from Kabbalah center but I found out some websites they say that center it’s not good, I have been reading but I dont find information from Jewish sources.. I would like to know if you know websites, I want to know what kabbalah is? and how to learn it? it’s kabbalah a sect in the judaism? does kabbalah believe in another concept of God? how kabbalah sees the Bible or torah? how to be part of a Kabbalah group? do you need to wear a red string in the Kabbalah for protecting from the evil? how is kabbalah meditation? thanks for answering my questions.

some jewish people have told the kabbalah is for only jews.. but I want to contact God through Kabbalah.. Kabbalah prayers. and meditation.. please tell me them
the website of kabbalah on google are bored..

spirituality is a personal relationship with the experience of the metaphysical, while religion is a set of rules in daily life based on alleged “spirituality” experienced by those other than you, and condemns personal spirituality by branding it “heathen” and”demonic..

If you’ve actually taken one or more Kabbalah class, either online or in person, offered by the Bnei Baruch organization, would you please comment, pro or con, and explain. I am trying to decide whether to go down the path of Kabbalah with the Bnei Baruch organization. As I see it, it could be very beneficial, it could be very harmful, or it could just be a big waste of time and energy. I need to decide very soon. Thank you.

Can someone give me the working differences between religion, mythology, folklore and spirituality please?

I need to do slides about relationship with god/torah, history of key sacred texts, jerusalem, nation of israel, different sects, sacred practices and holidays, and judaism today, thank you so much. I will have to site to use information as reference, much appreciated.

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