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I am trying to understand the Kabbalah religion a little better.Where would I look to practice and learn more.?And what is the purpose of the seven knots?

Why do people wear red yarn bracelets? Ive seen celebs wear em but i nver understood why i thought i heard somewhere they were suppose to be part of a religion or something but idk can u explain it to me

What does the Mayan Calendar have to do with this? What cosmic events are people talking about on that day? Why is it specifically Dec 21, 2012?

well I have consult two important centers of kabbalah by internet.. I live in mexico very far from the capital.. I have consulted the bnei baruch kabbalah which is focused on theories and less practical and the Kabbalah center is focused on practical kabbalah.. I don’t know what is right but both centers have in Israel their central, most of newspapers from USA accused the Kabbalah center of many things.. I would like to know if I can study kabbalah and how can the kabbalah change my life? it’s kabbalah another branch of the judaism? it’s the zohar another book beside the Tanaj or hebrew Bible? could you give me a website about the truth kabbalah please? thank you

im not in the least denying god’s existance and how good he is to almost all of us (whether we realize or not) . But what im getting at is, did god plan something for us after death? or are the blessings we get in this life the end?

Not why but how does God reward or punish. what do you think?

I am seeking Jewish perspective…kabbalah…practical information to apply to daily life. Does color play a role? What is the Jewish view on insense? Candles? All information is welcome.

like a musican, or athelete, or artist, actor?

and when it doesn’t they act all disappointed. as far as im concerned ill be dead before that happens, either from old age or from what ever ended the world. so all i can say is surprise me.

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