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and why is that?

Some practice strange religions like Kabbalah or Scientology while others claim to be atheists or think of themselves as divine. But they all have one thing in common they are servants of Satan and not God and have sold their souls in order to get where they are in this life. Do you feel all of them are like this or just the vast majority of them?

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why is it that in the ‘religion and spirituality’ section of yahooanswers, most people answering are atheists? why do they answer some ‘religion and spirituality’ questions that don’t even concern them?

i have the most respect for many native american tribes as far as worship/spirituality goes. many of them worshiped the earth. and i have a respect for their feeling of sacredness towards the earth, because it is what all of us come from and need to survive. they had a respect for the earth that many other cultures failed to obtain that we could make use of even today.

I was puttering around in one of my comparative religion books and I started to see a pattern. It seems like most religions can be classified as being one of the following; theology based, law based or mystical.

There are a zillion books on Christian theology but not much on law and only a smattering of mysticism (mostly written in the Middle Ages).

There are zillions of law commentaries for Judaism a smidge of mysticism. And has anyone ever heard of Jewish theology? Islam is primarily a religion of law too.

Then there seem to be the mystical religions: The Neo-Pagan stuff, Sufism (a branch of Islam), and Native American religions, etc.

Am I seeing pigeon holes that I shouldn’t be?

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