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Michael Berg & Harav Berg – teaching about Chanukah

The great kabbalists of the past thousands of years kept this wisdom with the foresight that one day it would serve as a catalyst for personal and global change.My hope is these words awaken your heart to improve, to elevate, to be better today than you were yesterday- so we may all come closer to a world with no more pain, no more suffering, and even as the Bible and the Zohar promise, no more death.- Michael Berg Please enjoy these teachings from Inspiring Change, the blog of Michael Berg, Co-Director of the Kabbalah Centre and folow him on Twitter at

The magic of Kabbalah manifestation of miracles in your lives how do you make miracles happen in your lives

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or anything else?

Do they believe that Jewish mystics get visions from God or hear His voice?

Is Mysticism confined to kabbala or is kabbala simply a limited expression of an unexpressed state of being?

Were because of Kabbalah? I have often heard of Kabbalah being referred to as Jewish mysticism. Is it thought that Elijah performed these miracles by Kabbalah according to Judaism? Peace and blessings to you! :-)
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