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analagy between our five elements ‘below’, corporeal,with what they are reflected from or represent ‘above’, incorporeal? Spiritually vs physically I think.

Does this mean you can always do the right thing “later” so you can enjoy doing whatever you want now or is this Robert Plant’s quote about turning your life around?

I have heard the expression, “Jewish Soul”. What does it mean?

I notice that my friend and I do little things at the same exact time, for example we’ll scratch our face at the same time. One time we were both sitting in my car and we open the door at the same time for no reason at all. We both the have the same taste in the opposite sex, we like the same kind of music….and so on..

What is Madonna’s religion Kabbalah mean? I know she used to be a Roman Catholic, but what is Kabbalah? Is it almost the same beliefs?

And if so, since Kaballah ISN’T a religion anyway, does this mean that Madonna is a little bit misinformed? LOL

I’m sorry.. .”ESTHER”. lol

why do people believe it’s bad luck the number 13
well kabbalah or judaism? well I have heard 13 is positive in Judaism ?

“Religion is for people who are scared to go to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.”
- Bonnie Raitt

This was added at the end of a question I asked. What does it mean in Religion and spirituality?

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