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Are there any scandals involving Kabbalah or is it just a spiritual thing?

what do israelies think about madonna visiting the city of Safed? and the tombs of many kabbalists?

in the Kabalah isn’t there some teachings that are pretty much like astrology? If this is true doesn’t that contradict Miztvoh?

have embraced this esoteric system?

I would appreciate any answers.

And if so, since Kaballah ISN’T a religion anyway, does this mean that Madonna is a little bit misinformed? LOL

I’m sorry.. .”ESTHER”. lol

learn and to practice.. this branch of the judaism.. plz tell me more about it… and rituals.. I knowww kabbalah follows the OT..

Madonna stops by Doin’ It With Ethan (more at: ) to teach host Ethan Mechare what the holidays really mean and a dance step or two. Ethan heads to Madonna’s underground bunker in LA, which she calls The Zion Lounge. Madonna talks kids, Kabbalah, her new album, and what a cream cheese bagel as a Christmas tree ornament really will mean for you this holiday season. Happy Holidays from Madonna and Doin’ It With Ethan!

Steven talks to Madonna and some of her biggest fans about her new album “Hard Candy” and her legacy

Adnan Oktar: Mr. Yehuda Beg is a very modest, humane person who can be easily be spoken to. Harun Yahya Madonna http

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