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Sometimes I wake up and I feel this void inside me. Like this emptiness. I’m staring at my ceiling, but I don’t know what to do next because if I get off my bed it’s like I don’t have anything to do. No purpose in life. Can anyone relate? I go through life to find something fun to fill the gap inside, but at the end of the day the gap is still missing. I seriously feel like I have no purpose lol how do I find it?

I mean, what is your opinion on this as an ancient work of science?

I find it interesting… and to me it kind of dispels the belief that religions do not have any science..

there is science in it… though it might not qualify into the definition of proper science today…

my point being… there was a lot of science in ancient traditions both in the west and in the east… though they were overshadowed by the dogma…

here’s a link to the tree of kabbalah:

your opinions? thanks…

I understand that it’s built of 4 levels of existence, or of 10 spheres, and that each level or sphere has its corresponding angel. I don’t fully understand the concept, as you can see, and would be glad if you could help me there.

Please post if you have a call on your life to pursue a future as a Rabbi. I would also like to know why?

I’d like to get at least one answer. Thank You.

What is the greater meaning (or secret) of life here on earth? Do books such as the Bible or the Kabbalah hold any greater truths about human existence? Can anyone provide a definite answer? Thank you!

Hi all! Im a 15 year old boy, and im starting to get into the science of Kabbalah. I suppose you know what it is. Im jewish, and i can speak hebrew, but not write or read. Sometimes i come to Israel as i have family here. I live in Denmark thou. I looked on the internet about Kabbalah, and it confused me. I got the idea that its basically about getting control of your mind, enjoy life to its fullest, avoid bad vibes easy, and connecting better with god. I belive in god, but i ain’t religious. I need some help on how to get started with Kabbalah, without the Golems, magic, and stuff like that. And not the mainstream hollywood crap, but really how to use it in my daily life, and in my age. My mom studys Kabbalah a bit herself, and she and my dad are jewish.

I mean this seems like the safest bet. Whatever thought, temptation, idea, or anything others say, ..test it. don’t accept it. Try to see if there’s truth in what is said, against God’s word, and if it deviates from God’s word, then you know that it is not of God.

Didn’t God do that against the devil even, by talking back to him using scripture from the Bible?

This seems to truly be one of the only ways to combat the great evil that surrounds us today.

We as humans are always desperately trying to find that we are not the “only ones”. I was reading about a future mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, and about how it has the greatest possibility for life due to its water like composition. So if we find life their, whether it’s microscopic microbes or fish, what would it do to our religion here on earth?. Would it make people realize that humanity created a god for out own purposes or would it strengthen humanities bond with “god” and his amazing ability so stick around even after science proves him false?

I am feeling really meaningless right now, I don’t know what to do after highschool. I live day to day hoping for a change. I’m just wondering what some ideas to get out of this state and do something purposeful

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