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please answer asap, anyone, please!

without converting?

I learned is a kabbalistic term about God but what does mean?


I noticed that some ceremonial magick has some judeo-christian stuff in it. is there any magick that goes along with either judaism or christianity?

does the kabbalah centre teach true kabbalah even some parts are wrong? what does mean the red string from the tomb of rachel? is the zodiac studied in judaism and kabbalah? do you believe in the zodiac? well I read in an old synagogue they found a zodiac image in Israel? do I have to be jewish in order to study the kabbalah? where can I find true kabbalah if the kabbalah centre is wrong as some say that
it’s Ok the center of the rabbi laitman?

or a mystical interpretantion of the Holy Texts in Spirituality.. I don’t know much about Kabbalah, but it seems to me a branch of Judaism, I just know the Kabbalah Center and Bnei Barach in Jerusalem or Teleaviv.. I have read but I am not sure myself if Kabbalah is a branch of Judaism and why are there rabbis beside the Kabbalah center where madonna goes for spreading the ideas of kabbalah? I watched the rabbis who are kabbalist know about astrology.. and stuff like that is there astrology in Judaism Kabbalist?

If you’re Jewish, then your religion is Judaism/Kabbalah? Im just not too familiar with it, so please shed some light, tnx :)
so there are jewish people who believe in the kabbalah, and there are those who doesn’t?

basically, Kabbalah, Judaism, & Jewish people are in one circle, is that it?

I’m a non-theist and I’ve been researching Judaism. The reform/progressive branch is very intriguing to me. I have a few question concerning this particular sect.

1.) Do reformed Jews nessecerily believe in “God”?

2.) How do they view Jewish law?

3.) How closely do they follow the rites and holidays? Yom Kippur, Passover, Hannakh, etc.

4,) How is Kabbalah viewed?

5.) If I became a reformed Jew, could I practice Buddhism as well?

True or False?

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