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how many branches of judaism has been influenced by Sabbatai Levy, the self-proclaimed messiah in1666?
His teachings are a strain of satanic cabalism.
Do you follow his teachings?

If you don’t know anything about the Kabbalah, please don’t automatically resort to bashing God.

This is a real question. Atheists need not answer if you have the word LOGIC in your answer. .

THANKS! I want some real thinkers to contribute!
Look, Madonna is a freak. I am not talking about her. WHO CARES ABOUT MADONNA YAHOOLIANS???????? THAT IS NOT MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!
I think Christians and Jews could learn something from the Kabbalah..It is fascinating and compliments the Bible and Torah (which is part of the Bible anyway.)

Hello there, I’m actually a Christian who is contemplating studying Kabbalah. I’m trying to find out more about it first.

A couple of questions for you…
1. Traditional Jews, what is your take on Kabbalah? I hear it’s the esoteric underpinning of Orthodox Judaism as well, and although Orthodox don’t practice it outwardly, the exoteric traditions of Orthodox Judaism I hear are based on the esoteric teachings of Kabbalah. How about your take?
2. How does Kabbalah relate to the Bible? Does it contradict? Traditional Jews: Do you use texts for Judaism outside of the Bible? Kabbalists: Is there an issue using texts in addition to the Bible in order to practice and understand Kabbalah? Shouldn’t the Scriptures be enough?
3. How does Kabbalah differ from magic, which is forbidden in the Bible?
4. How do you view non-Jews, such as myself, studying Kabbalah? I’m looking into studying it to learn about it, rather than practice, as I’m a Christian and always will be.

Spiderman: Simply asked a question about Kabbalah, so what’s the issue? Getting a little testy for an innocent question aren’t we?

So no, I’m asking a question, and won’t back off, thanks.
ђΛУđέʼn: What do you mean that Kabbalah gets expensive?
For clarification to all — studying it for my own comparative study of religions to take a comparative look at the basic truths of all religions, so I’m looking at the esoteric side of them. I’m a mystic Christian, and that’s why I’m studying the esoteric side of religions as well, I don’t intend to practice them!

So far I know is that Liberal Jews are modern Jews?
And more help.
Thanks (:

Jews who believe in the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), also believe in reincarnation

Would a person’s religious and moral conviction such as belief in reincarnation be a practical impediment to the respective candidate who seeks high office in the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and the White House?

Notice I said “Hebrew” Bible. I am not interested in the Christian Bible (NT) nor Christian interpretations of the Hebrew Bible.

Please mention examples.

what is your personal opinion and view and Judaism’s general view of the Psalms??
@Aravah: I agree. I just feel some Jews primarily gear towards the Pentateuch and dismiss the Psalms, Proverbs etc. Not that it’s bad or anything, but reading the entire Hebrew bible would be more fit.

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