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and why is that?

I understand that it’s built of 4 levels of existence, or of 10 spheres, and that each level or sphere has its corresponding angel. I don’t fully understand the concept, as you can see, and would be glad if you could help me there.

according to some jewish the kabbah center and bnei baruch aren’t true kabbalist center why? for example kabbalah center use things like red string of rachel and kabbalah bnei baruch teaches the kabbalah through rav laitman, in the past I have heard of rabbi david cooper, ariel kaplan I don’t know if you know david cooper and the rest of people that I mention, like rav michael laitman, Michael Berg or something like that, are they wrong?

My interest has sparked within Kabbalah once again. 2 years ago I was into kabbalah and it was very refreshing.. I even got my own Kabbalah teacher. To say the least it really gave me massive insight in life. My family is Christian/catholic, and I was/am an atheist. But i am wondering how would I go back to kabbalahism? Do I need to convert to judaism? Because I’m more interested in the spirituality rather then the religion itself?
I love Yehuda Berg, and I get his messages daily. Very philosophical.

well I have consult two important centers of kabbalah by internet.. I live in mexico very far from the capital.. I have consulted the bnei baruch kabbalah which is focused on theories and less practical and the Kabbalah center is focused on practical kabbalah.. I don’t know what is right but both centers have in Israel their central, most of newspapers from USA accused the Kabbalah center of many things.. I would like to know if I can study kabbalah and how can the kabbalah change my life? it’s kabbalah another branch of the judaism? it’s the zohar another book beside the Tanaj or hebrew Bible? could you give me a website about the truth kabbalah please? thank you

hmm. yeah i thought the deal was he’d do whatever you’d want him to do — like a robot.

does the kabbalah centre teach true kabbalah even some parts are wrong? what does mean the red string from the tomb of rachel? is the zodiac studied in judaism and kabbalah? do you believe in the zodiac? well I read in an old synagogue they found a zodiac image in Israel? do I have to be jewish in order to study the kabbalah? where can I find true kabbalah if the kabbalah centre is wrong as some say that
it’s Ok the center of the rabbi laitman?

or a mystical interpretantion of the Holy Texts in Spirituality.. I don’t know much about Kabbalah, but it seems to me a branch of Judaism, I just know the Kabbalah Center and Bnei Barach in Jerusalem or Teleaviv.. I have read but I am not sure myself if Kabbalah is a branch of Judaism and why are there rabbis beside the Kabbalah center where madonna goes for spreading the ideas of kabbalah? I watched the rabbis who are kabbalist know about astrology.. and stuff like that is there astrology in Judaism Kabbalist?

My (reform) youth group is having an event at a local beach. As I am in charge of programming, I am looking to write a program based on meditation, specifically “jewish meditation” which some refer to as Kabbalah. There is so much information about this topic and so many different approaches… I’m feeling very overwhelmed…=] Basically, I want to start by finding and/or editing an existing guided meditation script to be about any or all of the following topics: nature, the beach/ocean, possibly new beginnings, and of course, judaism! I guess I don’t have one specific question, but anything that could help me develop my program is greatly appreciated!! todah:)

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