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how many branches of judaism has been influenced by Sabbatai Levy, the self-proclaimed messiah in1666?
His teachings are a strain of satanic cabalism.
Do you follow his teachings?

Has anyone here ever done the full 6/18 month HGA ritual? If so what was it like? What did you expirence while performing and after performing it? And how is the abramelin’s sacred magic system compared to other magic systems?

Please post if you have a call on your life to pursue a future as a Rabbi. I would also like to know why?

I’d like to get at least one answer. Thank You.

I mean, this place is getting ridiculous.
Ten points to the most insightful answer.

I have been studying kabbalah for about 5 yrs now it really has changed my life :)

I am interested in learning more about it. Can you recommend a book for me? Preferably a book that discusses how it plays a role in real people’s lives, not merely an academic briefing on it. I’m sure there are plenty of websites on it, but I spend enough time on the computer as it is and would like an actual book to read that discusses how Kabbalah is put into practice in every day life. Thank you.

I know the tanakh is the jewish bible, but what is the kabbalah? Ive asked some people I know and got some pretty messed up answers. So now I need an observant jew to set me straight. I heard that its pretty much about demonology. My friend told me it was all written by a king who consorted with demons and went mad. Has anyone studied this?

“Gd is infused in every single thing in life.” Gd is inherent. The Gd Project is the world’s first social media platform dedicated to Jewish spirituality. We bring God back to the conversation.

And gaze upon the truth of god and the cosmos?

The comment with the most thumbs up gets to know what religion is truely correct AND gets to strobe the balls of spirituality ANNNNND gets to finish off the last of my Jack D. from last night ANNNNNNNNND gets to celebrate that I’m off shift for the next 2 weeks with me!!! Yee Haww, going skiing baby.

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