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A man enters Islam .. See what happened / Islamic website I hear this video / Do you change something inside you Do you know the religion of Islam ? See here : Islam / Alasalamh Ahdaldyanat and the three monotheistic Abrahamic religions and the known (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), which is the second most followers of religions in the world.The general meaning of the word Islam is fully amenable to the Creator, standardization and docile obedience to him and disavowing shirk and its people. He delivered the full rights of God in all aspects of his life. Muslims believe that Islam is the last divine religions, and they accepted the

What exactly happened on Miltia 14 years ago? Why did the war between the federation and the Immigrant fleet start anyway?
Does anyone know what the Zohar really is?

A very harsh reaction came against that boy. MUST Watch & Share.

Were because of Kabbalah? I have often heard of Kabbalah being referred to as Jewish mysticism. Is it thought that Elijah performed these miracles by Kabbalah according to Judaism? Peace and blessings to you! :-)
(((((((((((Paperback is BACK)))))))))
Wecome back, we missed you!:-)

A lot of people in Judaism and Christianity believe the Old Testament is the direct word of God and utterly true. I remember reading about lots of weaker gods (like Baal for example) who the more powerful Yaweh Canaan god always beat. What is the official line on what has happened to these gods that were real once?

I can’t find the two mysticism movements that cropped up doing 2nd century CE or the two that came up doing 1150CE? All I keep getting is Kabalah which is a mysticism movement but it was not doing any of the times I need. Also what King of Persia allowed the Judaeans to return to Jerusalem and what title was he given? Was it King David or Solomon? Thanks

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