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I just wanted to know because i am studying different religions and would like to ask a couple of questions

The first 2 seem to be about enlightenment more than religion, while the third was the closest match I could think of.

Eg. sufism says that religion for the common person is about what to do and not do. The higher level are the theologians, scholars etc. The highest level is the sufi who transcends all the below.

This episode we have Kyle Hunt on the show with us talking about his current research into what he calls “The Rainbow Alphabet”. This episode is full of information at a very fast pace with tons of emphasis on symbolism within areas not really touch upon such as Gematria and other uses of numerology and symbolism. This episode we really do get deep within concept into our strange reality and attempt to peel back the layers a bit to try and understand reality, symbolism, and how it’s all reflected upon us in the here and now. This is not a show you want to miss with Kyle. Please be sure to check out to download this interview in mp3 format for free and other interviews like/unlike this one. Thank you for your support. Peace.

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The noble idea of the Christian Kabbalah is not so much the worship of Jesus Christ, but rather a conscious evolution toward a divine or super-humanity. In this regard, Christian Kabbalah is quite different from its Jewish roots, and Gnostic Christianity is very different from orthodox Christianity. Both are about experiencing God and evolving toward God, rather than just studying theology.

This groundbreaking work is the first to present the Christian … More >>

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

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