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Has anyone here ever done the full 6/18 month HGA ritual? If so what was it like? What did you expirence while performing and after performing it? And how is the abramelin’s sacred magic system compared to other magic systems?

Who is Mystery Babylon? More Info at

The Evidence Watch all episodes of Ancient Aliens Season 1 in full length – This episode suggests that aliens made contact with primitive humans, and cites as evidence, Indian Sanskrit texts that are suggested to describe flying machines called Vimanas; Egyptian megaliths that are said to show precision cutting work thought to be too advanced for the time; and Jewish Zohar writings that are said to describe a “manna machine” similar to chlorella algae processing of today.

Officialy unreleased remix of one of Mat’s most popular tracks done by mighty duo Rank 1. Althought Matan never wanted to release this remix (and I dont understand why, I think its really not bad), it (fortunately) found its way on the internet and so, we can listen to it and enjoy it. :) Enjoy listening and have fun! Im not owner of this music, all respect to the autors. :) Image from, music by Matan Zohar, remixed by “Pedro and Benno” :)

the atheist experience # 754 [full episode] – the failure of social engineering visit mp3 audio file of this episode

The chosen people have been expelled from many countries and nations for over 2000 years and even prior to that. The first recorded event of an expulsion can be traced back to ancient Egypt when the Pharaoh threw the Hebrews out of Egypt. According to the Bible, the descendants of Jacob had lived in Egypt for more than 450 years, during which time they grew into a nation: the nation of Israel. The Egyptians began to see them as a threat and tightened their control on them, forcing them to work as slaves. Labor work is a sin according to the chosen ones. The pharaoh (Thutmoses III?) kicked them out in 1440 BC where Moses led them to their promised land and so began their Exodus. This is the start of many more expulsions to come yet they wonder why this happens. When so many nations have done this one does have to wonder WHY and there are plenty of very good reasons why this has happened. Questions regarding Qorbanot – Do Jews want to resume sacrifices? Orthodox Jews do. There are several places in our daily prayer services where we pray for the restoration of the Temple and the resumption of its rituals, including the rituals of sacrifice. The Orthodox Yom Kippur service includes a lengthy recollection of the Temple service, mourns its loss and longs for its restoration. Other movements of Judaism have removed these portions from the liturgy. v Gentile publications, books, opinions, etc.

A December 2011 Interview with Dr. Samuel Zinner (Casablanca, Morocco), conducted by Adam Vogtman and Faheem Chishty. We express deep appreciation to the owners of the Queen Bean coffee shop in Modesto, California who graciously allowed the use of their facilities for the filming of this interview. Topics discussed include interfaith questions relating to the Abrahamic religions, the pitfalls of the idea of supersessionism, the golden rule, the ethics teachings of Levinas, the question of western Orientalism in scholarship, integration of Greco-Roman philosophy in Islam, foreign vocabulary and Christian and Jewish ideas in the Qur’an, psychology of inspiration and altered states of consciousness, problems in the notion of providence, the Islamic notion of “corruption” of previous scriptures, plurality of readings in the Qur’an, literalism in scriptural interpretation as idolatry, infinity of exegetical possibilities in every text, the Mandaean religion, its Gnostic features, its stance toward the Abrahamic faiths, apophatic a/theism in mysticism.

cancion de Burning Brides para Frets on fire

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