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What are your favorite words of wisdom from the Talmud?

The Talmud is the written and oral law, correct? It’s Judaism’s most “holy book”. Please offer some gems of wisdom found in it so I can appreciate them as well.

I am seeking Jewish perspective…kabbalah…practical information to apply to daily life. Does color play a role? What is the Jewish view on insense? Candles? All information is welcome.

I remember dabbling in Kabbalah a few years back. I even took it as a religion (even though I had never read any of it’s religious texts). While I was reading up on it though, I came across an idea which stated that a pure soul must pay for the sins of the many to maintain a balance of good nature throughout the world (ergo, Jesus). They said that every so often, it must occur again to maintain the balance of humanity. What is this particular train of thought known as in Kabbalah?
@Murzy, the book I read was published by one of the leading rabbis/priests (whatever they’re called) at the Kabbalah Center. It referenced Jesus a lot.
@Aravah thanks for that tidbit of insight but that still doesn’t answer my inquisition. If this belief does not exist in Kabbalah, please say so. If it does, please give me the name. Please stop playing mind games. If the concept is real, what’s it called?

Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
I sincerely believe that is an extension of the Zionist hope for world domination through the use of their ‘puppets’ in the American government and the use of the Homeland Security Act. This secret program is using the mind/thought control of the Phoenix Program instituted for use VC; now in the United states to reduce the population of ‘useless eaters’. was established thereby from the Zionist American government for these ‘useless eaters’ to get what they want and to harass others in order to distract from the main agenda.

Like if you think God would deal with each society the same I can see how you might think there’s only one truth.

But does it make sense that God would deal with all people the same when every society is different with different needs?

Specific things to do with a friend? Specific activities, places, casual/cheap/good restaurants?

My one friend is a gay occultist who prays and believes in Yahweh, I tried to understand his path but it seems like an oxymoron since Yahweh doesn’t allow magic or homosexuality.

@Hatikvah JPA In reading about HaShem, I see that the difference is that the letter ‘K’ is used to obscure the sound of the name as not to take it in vain..
So in Judaism, HaShem has many names so as to describe his attributes and not just one name? As in 1 Chronicles 29:11? I was always under the impression that because there is one Elokim that HE has one name

What kabbalah is? how can I learn Kabbalah? how can I find the holy book of Kabbalah?
I would like to learn kabbalah and to find for free kabbalah.. because I was sad to know the kabbalah center is buying books.. I really want to know. but I was thinking the religion was for free.. not for selling to the people..

well I was thinking to find free books about kabbalah from the jewish sources..and the explanations

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