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Sometimes I wake up and I feel this void inside me. Like this emptiness. I’m staring at my ceiling, but I don’t know what to do next because if I get off my bed it’s like I don’t have anything to do. No purpose in life. Can anyone relate? I go through life to find something fun to fill the gap inside, but at the end of the day the gap is still missing. I seriously feel like I have no purpose lol how do I find it?

I dont know if its true but people have been saying theres a store now thats actually selling them and it’s not online… anyone know or could help me find a new one.

center.. but I dont find a simple information about their rituals.. the first one bnei baruch speaks so much about theories and kabbalah center.. well you have to pay for those books. I dont live in USA .. well to pay for a spiritual path like kabbalah.. well it’s nothing I dont want. first of all well the religion should be free or any kind of mysticism.. help me please I would like to know what do they do as rituals? I know it’s close to judaism.. but judaism and kabbalah seem to be different in some cases.. help me thanks

Looks like To renew the lost knowledge , understanding and unity for one universal truth , world of humanity has to find the new messenger of God as was promised to come at the Last Days ,or End of Time ,,( end of the first cycle of living on earth),,,,,,looks like we have entered a new ( cycle ) age with new things and majority of people have missed to find His new guidance to renew the understanding of all old things.

I have heard the saying….when the student is ready, the teacher arrives but I have also been hearing a lot recently the saying when a person needs knowledge seek out the experts. I would be so grateful for some insight on Spirit Guides and Mentors. I would especially love to hear from people who have active Guides and Mentors and interact with them on a daily basis.

How do I go about finding the right one for me? How do I look for one?

I’ve heard that there are scriptures in the bible that talk about how homosexuality is wrong, probably better known than the other factor: I keep hearing about other scriptures that disprove that entirely and I was wondering if it were true & where I could find them.

Sometimes it just seems like my existence and everyone’s existence is so weird. I think most people turn to religion to comfort themselves maybe? That’s not something I can do easily because most religions don’t make sense to me. I want to find ‘answers’ and meaning, but I’m afraid that I never will. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and depression lately, I think partly because of this.

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