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In UK Cinemas 14th May 2010 “An intense, restrained drama… quietly devastating” – Variety SHOWING AS PART OF THE LONDON LESBIAN AND GAY FILM FESTIVAL 2010 Aaron (Zohar Strauss), a respectable butcher in Jerusalems ultra-orthodox Jewish community, is married to Rivka (Tinkerbell) and is a dedicated father of four children. One day, he meets Ezri (Ran Danker), a handsome twenty-two year old student, and soon falls in love with him. He then starts to neglect his family and community life, swept away by his love and lust for Ezri. Meanwhile, paralleling this relationship, a neighbouring shopkeeper persists in seeing a man of her own choosing, even though she’s been promised by her father to another. Eventually, guilt, torment and pressure from the community will catch up with the doomed lovers, leading them to make radical decisions… ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Im totally inlove with this film, so what else am I going to do… yesss a music video , please!!! Read the Warnings before watching: Warning : This is a fan Music Video based on the wonderful movie Eyes Wide Open(Einaym Pkuhot) and in the characters of Aaron & Ezri , Im aware this can be a sensitive matter for some people not only becouse of his homosexual scenes but the religious content , there for please read the movie plot before watching the music video,it’s right here , also beware of spoliers!!!So if you have a problem with homosexuality , gay , homoerotic or Yaoi scenes, please don’t watch it! This is defenetly not your cup of tea . Movie Plot(source imdb):Homosexuality in the Orthodox community is the subject of a very dark and disturbing Israeli film, Eyes Wide Open (Einaym Pkuhot). Aaron Fleishman (Zohar Shtrauss) is a father of 4 who takes over the family kosher butcher shop following the death of his father. Aarons observant world is turned upside down with the arrival of a young Yeshiva student Ezri (Ran Danker). When Aaron and Ezri begin spending time together, Aaron is quickly ostracized within the Orthodox community. Confronted by Rabbi Vaisben (Tzahi Grad), Aaron declares he was dead before meeting Ezri. We see how quickly social control turns violent and ugly in the Orthodox community when Ezri is forced to leave. Eyes Wide Open is set during a dark and wet winter in Jerusalem. Rain and the darkness of night are used as metaphors for the ritual of

Just noticed this trailer wasn’t translated into English anywhere on YouTube and thought some people might be curious. The movie’s about two ultra-orthodox men who fall in love. I’m glad this movie was finally made and can’t wait to see it (it’s playing in cinemas all over Israel already).

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{WINNER – Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival 2010 – John Schlesinger Award for Outstanding First Feature} {WINNER – Cape Winelands Film Festival 2010 – Grand Prix Award, Feature Films} {Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival 2009 – Un Certain Regard} {Official Selection – Toronto Int’l Film Festival 2009} Aaron, a butcher and a devout family man in Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community, has his quiet existence interrupted one day when Erzi, a hand… More >>

Eyes Wide Open

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