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Sometimes it just seems like my existence and everyone’s existence is so weird. I think most people turn to religion to comfort themselves maybe? That’s not something I can do easily because most religions don’t make sense to me. I want to find ‘answers’ and meaning, but I’m afraid that I never will. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and depression lately, I think partly because of this.

I have been studying kabbalah for about 5 yrs now it really has changed my life :)

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I have studied for 6 months and have been told to study for 2 more years before I can convert to Orthodox Judaism. I have studied History, general prayers, customs and blessings (inculding weird things like Kapprot) the cause of anti-semitism, holidays except for Sabbat (I am still studying it) I have read half way through my translated Torah and I have started to read the Everymans Talmud, abit of Jewish cooking, what goes on at synagogoue services, the messiah prophecies, I have been eating kosher (To a degree because there is no kosher butcher near by) I have started to dress Jewish by wearing a Kippah (I am letting my side burns grow because my Mum won’t let me curl them) and I can’t get hold of a black suit so I have started to wear black, Jewish mysticism and what it takes to convert. My question is what else should I study before I try to convert to Orthodox Judaism?
I know of the three time rule, it is just this is my third time to ask him and I am nervise if he will still say no or yes
Also if I wasn’t commited I wouldn’t have studied for six months strait, it’s what I have been waiting for
Mark S I am under 18 but my perants are behind me, one problem is that I will have trouble getting to the synagogoue
PW some Jews wear black suits to morn the loss of the Temple but I don’t have a suit so I decided to wear black clothes

Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (1884-1954) is known as Baal HaSulam (Owner of the Ladder) for his Sulam (ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar. Baal HaSulam dedicated his life to interpretations and innovations in the wisdom of Kabbalah, disseminating it in Israel and throughout the world. He developed a unique method to the study of Kabbalah, by which any person can delve into the depth of reality and reveal its roots and purpose of existence. Baal HaSulams two major works, the result of many years of labor, are Talmud Eser Sefirot (The Study of the Ten Sefirot), a commentary on the writings of the Ari, and Perush HaSulam (The Sulam Commentary) onThe Book of Zohar. The publications of the 16 parts (in six volumes) of Talmud Eser Sefirot began in 1937. In 1940 he published Beit Shaar HaKavanot (The Gatehouse of Intentions), with commentaries to selected writings of the Ari. Persuh HaSulam on the Zohar was printed in 18 volumes in the years 1945-1953. Later on Baal HaSulam wrote three additional volumes containing commentaries on The New Zohar, whose printing was completed in 1955, after his demise. Peace

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