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So far I know is that Liberal Jews are modern Jews?
And more help.
Thanks (:

I mean, this place is getting ridiculous.
Ten points to the most insightful answer.

And how these reflected upon social order in Ancient India and China? I already have the basics down about the caste system and ancestor worship and so on, but what else?

Thanks so much!

Can someone give me the working differences between religion, mythology, folklore and spirituality please?

I’m curious to see how Christians view Judaism and the teachings of the faith. If you had a chance to ask a rabbi about G-d, Jesus, the Messiah concept, and so forth. Would you agree or disagree on his views and answers to your questions?
Jews don’t view Jesus as the Messiah because in Judaism the concept of the Messiah is much different then the Christian Messiah.

Many jews seem to SLAM especially the New Testament, saying its offensive and very different from the teachings of Judaism. I read throughout, and I didn’t really find anything that would be so offensive? It still encourage’s Moses’ Law, (moral conduct 10 commandments) but it says the festivals, rituals, etc are ended. Paul’s Chapter on Love, John’s Love Letters, the teachings are central on love, joy, peace, brotherhood, etc? wtf is so bad?

I also admire many Jewish writings in OT and Talmud. I heard Talmut makes you smarter, lol. But I am skeptic about Kabbalah and Zohar, cuz I feel its written by a bunch of people who are craved with “mysticism” and not the actual God’s word.

I am not trying to convert but im asking opinions.

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