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Dorit Milman and Zohar Strauss on “Dancing With The Stars 2010″ finale – freestyle. song : I need a hero

Dorit Milman and Zohar Strauss on “Dancing With The Stars 2010″ – quickstep. song : Thriller Michael Jackson

Here are some of the ideas you can expect at Chabad. 1. Judaism is pre-denominational and so are our beliefs. We are all one family and with us you are always at home. 2. The Wisdom of the Torah provides the guidance into making this world a world of light and peace. 3. Joy plus joy = JOY! Every activity at Chabad of Malibu is permeated with the joyous spirit of Jewish mysticism. Sprinkled with a healthy dose of love, deep faith and optimism that everything is for the good. 4. The path of Judaism is not all or nothing. Every good deed ignites a spark in this world and therefore has it’s own inherent and infinite value. 5. To live is to grow and we each progress at our own pace. 6. We are all on a journey. All questions are welcome and none are out of bounds, including the ones that are often left unasked! 7. We are committed to providing an array of learning opportunities for all levels of knowledge and all backgrounds. 8. Caring for others rests at the core of our beliefs. If there is any way we can help you or anyone in the community, we want to know. 9. All are welcome. We have no membership fees or dues. We cover our costs through voluntary contributions. 10. There is no fine print. If you are a member of another synagogue or spiritual group, great! Think of chabad as your “vitamin supplements” for your spiritual life. if you have never set foot into a Jewish spiritual environment, Chabad is here to welcome you. if you are looking for more spirituality, community

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The result of nearly twenty-five years of intensive study with two Native American dreaming societies, Dancing the Dream draws our attention to the four directions of the Medicine Wheel (East, South, West, and North) and the three unseen directions – Above, Below, and Within – and explains how each of these seven directions represents a specific path on the spiritual journey. In the East, we encounter the first stirrings of the spirit; in the South, the healing … More >>

Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths Of Human Transformation

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