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I’ve heard that there are scriptures in the bible that talk about how homosexuality is wrong, probably better known than the other factor: I keep hearing about other scriptures that disprove that entirely and I was wondering if it were true & where I could find them.

I have to write a paper for Sociology 101. I cant think of what to write…help

February 8, 2011. The sainthood process is a lengthy procedure. It’s even longer and more complicated when you are dealing with the sainthood of a couple, like these two French intellectuals. Born into a Protestant family, Jacques Maritain and his wife, Raissa, a Russian Jewish émigré, converted to Catholicism, after studying the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Their sainthood would serve as an enduring example of a holy marriage. They met in 1900 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Together they searched for life’s truths through philosophy. Every time they pondered a philosophical notion, they thought they had come closer to the truth, only to find that they had converted themselves into what Raissa Maritain called a “metaphysical opium”. It was this desperation that led them to consider suicide. The truth that they were looking for was described in the philosophical christian studies of Saint Thomas Aquinas and this is the main reason why they converted to Catholicism. Víctor Soldevila Pont. John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family “That unrelenting pursuit of the truth of God from an intellectual standpoint and how they met with friends, in the same search, at times from different points of view, but always with this longing to find the Truth of God. Who is God? And doing so as a couple. That is, not only him as a teacher, but also her as a true intellectual in this search.” Mons. Jean Laffitte Pontifical Council for Families “More than 50 people, celebrities, artists

Spirituality once was the big thing, but now religion is much bigger and has killed much spirituality with it’s dogma, man made “divinity”, and forced conformity. What are your theories on why?

…from birth?

as a reference, here’s a guide to the history of Western philosophic thought taken from

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

* Speculation and Dispute: The Presocratics ]|[ Socrates
* Plato: Soul and Forms ]|[ Society and Virtue ]|[ Education and Justice ]|[ Love
* Aristotle: Logic and Physics ]|[ Reality and Knowledge ]|[ Ethics ]|[ Politics
* Hellenistic Thought: Cosmos and Morality
* Philosophy and Religion: Augustine ]|[ Scholasticism ]|[ Arab and Jewish Thought
* Late Scholasticism: Bonaventure and Aquinas ]|[ Scotus and Ockham

Early Modern Philosophy

* The Renaissance: Humanism and Science ]|[ Machiavelli ]|[ Hobbes
* Descartes: Method ]|[ Doubt and Existence ]|[ Mind and Body ]|[ Cartesianism
* Variations: Spinoza and Unity ]|[ Leibniz and Plurality
* Locke: Origin of Ideas ]|[ Human Knowledge ]|[ Government
* Extensions: Moralists and Bayle ]|[ Berkeley and Immaterialism
* Hume: Mitigated Skepticism ]|[ Self and Morality ]|[ Religion

Recent Modern Philosophy

* The Enlightenment: British ]|[ Continental
* Kant: Synthetic A Priori ]|[ Experience and Reality ]|[ The Moral Law
* Absolute Idealism: Fichte and Hegel ]|[ Later Idealists
* Social Concerns: Bentham and Mill ]|[ Marx and Engels
* Other Reactions: Kierkegaard ]|[ Nietzsche
* Pragmatism: Peirce ]|[ James ]|[ Dewey, Mead, & Addams

Contemporary Philosophy

* Beginnings: Logic and Mathematics ]|[ Phenomenology
* Philosophical Analysis: Moore ]|[ Russell
* Alternatives: Realism ]|[ Logical Positivism
* Linguistic Analysis: Wittgenstein ]|[ Ryle and Austin ]|[ American Analysis
* Existentialism: Heidegger ]|[ Sartre ]|[ de Beauvoir
* Postmodernism: Critical Theory ]|[ Deconstruction
* Feminism: Theory ]|[ Ethics ]|[ MacKinnon

Raised in a culturally Western environment, my frame of reference for historical philosophical inquiry would preferably be of Western philosophy although nowadays I find more interest in learning about Eastern philosophies. Also, I consider God as an early interpretation of the self-conscious therefore finding many religious teachings valid minus the mysticism.
great response, but one thing….
“philosophical thought is an attempt to explain the world”

If human history develops everyday, what Plato had to work with (in terms of explaining the world as he had known it including his past and present) would pale in comparison to what later philosophers would base their developments off of (recorded history, increased communication of the world around them, longer life spans for established professors, etc…). In comparision to later thought, Plato would have had a cleaner slate to work with, no?

I think I’d like to be either Jewish, because of all the mysticism and the hot girls, or American Indian, because of all the cool stories.

I like the topic of religion and spirituality and was wondering whether anyone has any ideas for me and if its even a good idea. someone already has a ‘free-thinkers’ club in my school which looks at things from a transcendentalist point of view. I want a club but something that won’t cause any conflict and can be rewarding.

I live in boston, ma and i really want one any ideas?

Maybe a video with visuals to explain some of its concepts would be easier for me to understand than reading something since im more visual of a person. Im just curious on some stuff

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