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The world to come is taught in all Judaism.
Hell doesn’t exist.
Resurrection is a personal belief.
Judgement? Reward? Based off of the life you live right now.

Someone gave that answer in a previous question.

I am curious though

if the world to come is taught in all Judaism, and resurrection is a personal belief:

then how do Jews who do not believe in resurrection expect to get to the world to come?

And in what ways can they partake in rewards/judgement, without being resurrected?

Like if you think God would deal with each society the same I can see how you might think there’s only one truth.

But does it make sense that God would deal with all people the same when every society is different with different needs?

I just asked two exact same questions: One about Judaism, and one about Christianity. So why did my Judaism question get deleted and the Christian question remain?. Look at my questions to see what the question was.

this is what the media basically portrays Islam=terrorism, evil, radical, divisive. Christianity= unintelligent, non-loving and harshly judgemental, money-making institution, Judaism…well where should I start, anti-semitism, holocaust, obsessed with money. Why isn’t Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, Shintoism, Taoism and other religions ever “attacked” or mentioned in the media?

Religion is God based and spirituality is soul based.. a soul comes from God …so is their goal to lead people away from God by answering Q’s in here.

Christian here :) peace n love ya’ll

If Atheists believe that God doesn’t exist, then why are they doing at the religion and spirituality section? Atheism isn’t a religion, because by definition a religion requires a belief in God.

All you do is come here and try to belittle everyone who believes in a religion here. But this is a place to discuss religion… so what are you doing here?

Who wrote it? What’s it about?

Do you think that maybe deep down they regret not having an spiritual relationship with God and are angry about it, so they come to this spot knock everything they can think of about religion and spirituality?

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