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This crop circle was fantastic and really complex in the interplay of two intercontinental formations, one in Italy the other in the UK this is classic quantum entanglement theory described first by Albert Einstein, he thought later in his life that he would be proven wrong, but he wasn’t. The interconnectedness of all particle waves are evident and demonstrated by the intricate play of decoding and swapping information with these two circles. To mention Escher and Einstein in the same code but from two different sources with a physics sandwich to boot, very heavy philosophical prose delivered with this circle. “To hold the world in a grain of sand” William Blake. A reference in this circle to “time” and the nature of reality can differ immensely with different paradigm views. I’m amazed and blessed to have been part of cracking this code. thanks to Wakan Tanka great spirit, this is a real blessing. And if you’re watching Ray?, thanks mate, I bet you can see a lot more now from where you are, this is a song from the cosmos. special thanks to steve alexanders photos and Greg seiler (music) comatone, make sure you check out CCC (crop circle connector) for other interpretations, it’s healthy, J

The music on this video by Greg Seiler “comatone” here is his link great muso, send him a few bucks for his hard work. thanks There are powerful messages coming out of 2010′s CC’s I would heed the warnings. please visit Cropcircleconnector and the links below for other interpretations and information. Steve Alexander Please support people who have worked tirelessly advancing the human race with this phenomena. thanks to Lucy Pringle Freddy Silva and many others who are working on this project. nb, I made a small error with the date in the beginning of this film, it is meant to read 12th not 13th June.

Sometimes we just get real close to an answer, sometimes we don’t. This Crop circle appeared on May 31st 2010 at Silbury Hill UK. This may be the first Crop circle in the world to be interpreted into a 3 dimensional space. I had a flash to construct it this way and now I’m sure that Cymatics (sound) is a science used in constructing these images in the Crops. If so, we don’t have this technology yet. More information can be found at CCC crop circle connector

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