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I find it fascinating that Christians should choose their particular religion while there are other religions that logically are far more credible.
Look at kabbalah or Judaism,christianity is only alive and well because political motivations have given it rise.Why would you surmise that Jesus is god when the Q’RAN says otherwise.
You christians are a feisty lot that breeds intolerance into the very depths of humanity.I look forward to the day when Christianity is abolished and people shine with glee over science.
Please submit to me my required respect as I have only showed you your do respect.Don’t be a hypocrite!
Your bible cleary says you must turn the other cheek from your non-believers.

If you don’t know anything about the Kabbalah, please don’t automatically resort to bashing God.

This is a real question. Atheists need not answer if you have the word LOGIC in your answer. .

THANKS! I want some real thinkers to contribute!
Look, Madonna is a freak. I am not talking about her. WHO CARES ABOUT MADONNA YAHOOLIANS???????? THAT IS NOT MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!
I think Christians and Jews could learn something from the Kabbalah..It is fascinating and compliments the Bible and Torah (which is part of the Bible anyway.)

Just wondering since the books not in the bible become mystical texts…….

Jews who believe in the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), also believe in reincarnation

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i just cant understand it. there are many christians who decide they want to learn stuff from the kabbalah, which is the most deep aspect of the jewish beliefs.

I just wanted to know because i am studying different religions and would like to ask a couple of questions

When are people going to realise that its all the same stuff after all?

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