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Some practice strange religions like Kabbalah or Scientology while others claim to be atheists or think of themselves as divine. But they all have one thing in common they are servants of Satan and not God and have sold their souls in order to get where they are in this life. Do you feel all of them are like this or just the vast majority of them?

How come in recent years, more & more Hollywood entertainers are converting to such religions as Scientology, Kabbalah(which, by the way, is not a religion, but, a form of Jewish discipline), etc?

No, seriously, why do these people become broken. We know many of them commit crimes, or get fat and ugly, or overdose, plus many of them are stupid. Rachel Ray is fat, Nicole Ricchie is in jail, and there are many others that are just not where they should be. Why do we even let these people become famous if this just keeps on happening. If we’re goning to keep these people, I say we fix them, and pre-arrange their marriages to prevent them from getting divorced all the time. These people need serious help: mental, emotional, and physical from all of these temporary mariages, eating disorders, false religions (scientology, kabbalah) spoiled lifestyles, and drug abuse we keep on hearing so much about. No wonder why people view our country as depraved and wrong. If we’re goning to fix our image, then we might as well fix our celebrities. Please suggest what we can do to help them. Let’s call everybody and have them operateon each and every body part, like the machines they are.

Not saying it’s right or wrong, but just something I noticed. I think it’s kind if a trend amongst those crowds..

have embraced this esoteric system?

I would appreciate any answers.

I just read Rosie O’Donell’s new book and apparently she has converted to it too…What is the draw for celebrities?

When Angelina Jolie adopted a child to save them from disease, homelessness and violence, conservatives called her “selfish” and “vain”.

When Al Gore made a film to warn people about the dangers of Global Warming, conservatives said he was trying to make money and get “votes” even though he is not running for any political office anymore.
Then when he installed a solar paneled roof on his home and office and switched to hybrid SUV’s, they accused him of being a hypocrite and claimed that George Bush is somehow better for the environment.

When Madonna fought to keep custody of her adopted child, conservatives called her a racist.
Then when she continued to study the kabalah and other forms of Jewish mysticism, they said it was a stupid publicity stunt.

If you look at conservative websites like worldnetdaily, it’s all just anti-this and anti-that… with no “solutions” to be found anywhere.
Why are conservatives so obsessed with knocking people down for trying to help?

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