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please answer asap, anyone, please!

Kabbalah is sort of a Jewish way of looking at the Bible. It interprets codes ingrained in the Hebrew wording. Proof that Kabbalah exists:

-Many hidden prophecies contained have come true. one example is 9/11. Many of you will ask “why doesn’t God come forward and just tell us about it?” My answer is one of Asimov’s laws, detailed in Foundation:
1. A prophesy will only occur if the vast majority of a population doesn’t know it will occur.

-Jews have sometimes used Kabbalah to, basically, ask God to kill people they don’t like. One example of this is Ariel Sharon. They cursed him and a few months later he had a stroke.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
RW, there are plenty of hidden prophecies in the Bible. if there were none, then people wouldn’t study Kabbalah. Makes sense to you?/ Probably not.

As for the law, I just put that in so people wouldn’t ask me the question detailed above.

And you’re right, Kabbalah is not a way to ask God to kill someone, I just wrote that to be basic.
Crimsion, if you had read my first sentence, you would see it clearly say that “Kabbalah is sort of a Jewish way of looking at the bible.” It is both. And I think I do understand, considering I am Jewish.

I’m seriously considering this, and not just to irritate everyone.

Jews who believe in the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), also believe in reincarnation

Would a person’s religious and moral conviction such as belief in reincarnation be a practical impediment to the respective candidate who seeks high office in the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and the White House?

like to pray in the name of Abraham or Israel or Jacob or even rachel? why do jewish people go to the tombs of these people and pray? do they believe in the intercession of them and angels?

I was born and raised christian and i was confirmed and all that jazz, but i don’t believe in the bible. What is the term for that? I know it’s not athiesm because i do believe in a god of some sort, but i also believe in science and evolution and things like that.

All I know about it is that British guy, David Icke and his “theory” that all of the worlds politicians and monarchies are actually weird alien reptilian people sent to conquer the human race. Sounds like a bad science fiction move to be honest.

I can’t stand the Bible — but the Kabbalah religion interests me.

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