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stories I have heard from people differs. Has anyone had any spiritual encounter or anything spiritual happen to them and how sure are they about this not any thing ordinary that was blown out of proportion by the mind. Cos sometimes I could swear heaven and earth that I saw someone or something if I didn’t have a second look.

Im interested to know in scientific detail, why do humans in general need to have sex if not for contraceptive purposes?
Everybody gets urges, but my question is in this day and age, why do people depend on sex so much for their well being that they even get depressed when they’re not getting it? What is it in our brains that triggers to demand sexual pleasure at sometimes grate cost? Why is it now then lets say the 60s people value and prioritize sex so much?

Or what? ( agnostic but I like the idea…it sounds scientific)

This section is named ”Religion and Spirituality”. Hence religions like Islam, Christianity, Wicca etc. and Spiritualities should gather and ask/answer questions and discuss.

What the heck are human beings doing in this section?

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